Using PTC Creo

*** This is old information and may be out of date ***

The PTC Creo package can be used for car design entry. Note that, by default, dimensions are in mm.

  • Make sure the design is created so that the cars front is to the left of the screen (-X) in the default view.
  • When exporting an STL file use the following options: Chordal: 1mm, Angular: 20deg. Files can be ASCII or Binary.
  • There is a problem with PTC Creo in that it does not export complete assemblies as .stl files by default. This make it difficult to create a car design that is made of components. There is a way though as described below:

To export assemblies in STL format assemblies do the following:
To create a derived model of a design:
* Click Assembly> Add Component and include the design in the assembly
* Click Select> Parts 
* Click the component to select it
* Click Feature> Use Component. In the graphics pane, the original component is replaced by an identical copy. The original component is hidden (you can see it in the object browser using the Components sort). The copy is treated as a native feature, not as an added component. It appears in the object browser under the Features sort, with the name Tool.

The whole model can now be exported as STL.